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Bring A Little Holiday Spirit To The Office

We're so excited to be talking about early holiday decor today, and in particular the kind you can introduce to your workplace. It may be early in the game, but it's never too early, once November hits, to start subtly hinting at the coming holidays. The office or work space is often one of the last places to receive our attention when it comes to seasonal decor, so why not nip that in the bud? Read More about Bring A Little Holiday Spirit To The Office »
Posted by Debbie Clark on November 19, 2018 Christmas Flowers Holidays

Who We’re Grateful For: Our Team

What makes Zeidler's tick?  The team! From the person you see at the front counter to the ones you speak to on the phone. From the the folks in design who create every bouquet by hand to our drivers who get the flowers delivered each and every day on time. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we're offering our own to the people who make us who we are. Read More about Who We’re Grateful For: Our Team »
Posted by Debbie Clark on November 12, 2018 Thanksgiving

Dreaming Up A Modern Thanksgiving Table

It's the perfect time to revisit the fine art of making a beautiful (and serviceable) Thanksgiving table. You may have how to set up the silverware nailed down, but there are other things to consider, starting with how many guests you'll have. Once you've got that number, you can have some fun creating place cards, if you're going the formal route. If not, you can begin to scale your table to the number, adding an extension, seating or a kids table if necessary. Place the serveware you'll be using on the table in advance; this kind of "dinner rehearsal" will really let you see where you can bring in other decor, including your centerpiece flowers. Read More about Dreaming Up A Modern Thanksgiving Table »
Posted by Debbie Clark on November 5, 2018 Fall Flowers Thanksgiving

Fall Splendor On Your Table

Fall, in all its splendor, has arrived and is ready to be celebrated. As you think about decorating and entertaining this season, consider some of these ideas from the creative experts at Zeidler’s Flowers. Use pumpkins accented with fresh fall greens like moss, tall bear grass and succulents, for a pop of color amidst a natural display for your fall table. Mix the essence of a formal dinner party with the relaxed feel of a buffet by serving your guests on gold and glass dinnerware. While pumpkin carving is typically a Halloween activity, take the practice up a notch with elegant etchings in the sides of beautiful pumpkins. Fall leaves or monogrammed initials look beautiful when carved delicately into the rich pumpkin skin. Read More about Fall Splendor On Your Table »
Posted by Debbie Clark on October 28, 2018 Fall Flowers

Bring The Texture Of Fall To Your Table

Autumn is here and it’s time to celebrate with beautiful designs and decor throughout your home. The design professionals at Zeidler’s Flowers are full of ideas like these to help you make the most of your decorating this season: Use natural texture like wood, burlap and wicker for a relaxing and soothing vibe. When you accent your beautiful decor with natural elements, you create a positive, relaxing atmosphere in your home. Use metallics like galvanized buckets or copper watering pots to add shine and a calm undertone to your decor. Metals ground your look so let them accent your colorful world this season. Use vegetables for accents. Harvest veggies are hearty and full of texture. Use stars like pumpkins, squash and artichokes as accents among floral designs to bring a seasonal tone to your home. Read More about Bring The Texture Of Fall To Your Table »
Posted by Debbie Clark on October 22, 2018 | Last Updated: October 25, 2018 Fall Flowers

Festive Flowers For Halloween

This Halloween, surprise your loved ones with a spooky treat they’ll love to display throughout the holiday season. A beautiful floral arrangement with Halloween accents is a great way to remind your favorite people that your thinking of them during this festive holiday. Send something they can display at home or work, or even on the porch for trick-or-treaters, and be there in spirit while they enjoy the delights of the holiday. The floral designers at Zeidler’s Flowers have created some delightful Halloween pieces that will be sure to dazzle your favorite witches and goblins this year. Read More about Festive Flowers For Halloween »
Posted by Debbie Clark on October 14, 2018 Fall Flowers Halloween

The Best Gifts For Your Bosses Are Green

Every fall we set aside a day to honor the individuals in our lives who help us work more efficiently, who mentor us as we grow professionally, and who cheer us on to new heights in our work. Our bosses are special people whose hard work often goes unnoticed. This October 16th is Bosses Day, so take time to recognize everything your boss does to create a healthy work environment. Let them know how helpful they are on this special day. Zeidler’s Flowers has some awesome gifts, plants and flowers that are perfect for gifting to your boss this year. Read More about The Best Gifts For Your Bosses Are Green »
Posted by Debbie Clark on October 7, 2018 Plants

A Fall Celebration Of Latin American Culture

This month, we are proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, a month-long festival running from September 15 until October 15 every fall. This season is an opportunity to pay tribute during this month to the many generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced our nation and society. We share stories, honor specific individuals, and promote deeper understanding and greater appreciation for the enduring contributions Latinos have made to our culture. At Zeidler’s Flowers, we are highlighting some of our gorgeous floral arrangements that feature flowers originating in Hispanic America as our way of participating in the celebration. Read More about A Fall Celebration Of Latin American Culture »
Posted by Debbie Clark on October 1, 2018 Flowers

The Rich Jewel Tones Of Fall

Fall has arrived and with it, plenty of refreshing colors, scents, and textures. Invite the autumnal spirit of the season into your workplace in a festive way with rich, jewel-toned flowers in every fall hue imaginable. Liven up your desk or office with a gorgeous display of fall’s bright, dazzling colors and refresh everyone around you as you work. The floral experts at Zeidler’s Flowers know how important a fresh bouquet of flowers can be when updating a room’s look, and these jewel-toned beauties will do the job perfectly. Read More about The Rich Jewel Tones Of Fall »
Posted by Debbie Clark on September 24, 2018 Fall Flowers