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Spring Styles For Formal Events

By Debbie Clark on April 1, 2019 in floral gifts, flower gifts, Flowers, Prom, Roses, SPring. 0 Comments

Prom Lifestyle As much as students look forward to summer at the end of the school year, there’s definitely one thing they are excited about first. Proms and end-of-the-year spring dances are always greeted with anticipation and excitement. The floral designers at Zeidler's Flowers have created some beautiful boutonnieres and corsages for this big event. We're excited to help you showcase your style with our fresh spring styles for formal events. Read More about Spring Styles For Formal Events

Shower Them With Gifts

By Debbie Clark on February 4, 2019 in Flowers, Gifts, Holidays, Lilies, Roses, Tulips, Valentine'sDay. 0 Comments

Vday gifts Elegant Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and it’s time to think about how we will show love to those around us. While we often think about our significant other or partner on Valentine’s Day, it’s also a great opportunity to shower your friends, family members, and coworkers with the affection you feel for them. Let them know how special they are to you at Valentine’s Day and always with a beautiful floral design or gift basket. The floral designers at Zeidler's Flowers are creating some amazing treats for Valentine’s Day this year. Read More about Shower Them With Gifts

Express a Sentimental Message on Valentine’s Day

By Debbie Clark on January 21, 2019 in floral gifts, flower gifts, Flowers, Holidays, Romance, Roses, Valentine'sDay. 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is approaching and that means it’s time to let your love when know how special they are to you. The flowers you choose to send at Valentine’s Day can communicate a special message based on their style and color. Let her know that she’s always on your mind and in your heart with a gorgeous bouquet. The floral experts at Zeidler’s Florist are arranging some gorgeous Valentine’s Day bouquets to help you express your heart to her this year. Read More about Express a Sentimental Message on Valentine’s Day

Living Coral is the Mesmerizing Color of 2019

By Debbie Clark on January 7, 2019 in floral gifts, flower gifts, Flowers, Roses. 0 Comments

The newest, hottest color on the scene this year has just been announced! The 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral. This vibrant yet mellow shade fuses the warmth of our natural surroundings with the energy of the technological world we live in. We will be seeing this animated, life-affirming with you everywhere we look this season, from runways to weddings, from home decor to sporting events. Living Coral is the mesmerizing new color of 2019. The floral experts at Zeidlers Florist believe that the easiest and best way to include Living Coral in your daily life is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in this warm energetic hue. Read More about Living Coral is the Mesmerizing Color of 2019

The Roses Of Summer

By Debbie Clark on May 21, 2018 in Flowers, Roses, Summer. 0 Comments

When we talk about the flowers of early summer, it's impossible not to mention roses. After all, June is designated Rose Month, and there are so many varieties that bloom with abandon during this warmer time. The rose is the perfect emblem for a season where everything is in its fullest expression: the hottest sun, some of the most drenching rains, the richest garden, the most fragrant blooms. Zeidler's Flowers welcomes the warmer months for their sense of fruition and festivity, the kind of mood that a rose design seems absolutely made for. Read More about The Roses Of Summer

Winter’s Festive Flowers

By Debbie Clark on December 22, 2017 in Flowers, Roses. 0 Comments

Setting a wintry scene inside your home can be lots of fun, especially when you consider how much spirited decor is available, both man made and fresh from the garden bed (or, given the time of year, hothouse). We at Zeidler's Flowers prefer decorating with the latter kind of decor, and insist on only one feature: our winter flowers must be bright! Contrary to what many think, there are lots of winter bloomers, among them roses, amaryllis and lilies. Read More about Winter’s Festive Flowers

Summertime Roses & Designs

By Debbie Clark on June 1, 2017 in Flowers, Roses. 0 Comments

Roses are classic and timeless. They are known throughout the world for their beauty and elegance, and are considered the "go-to" bloom for romantic occasions. Still, with how familiar the rose is, it has a fascinating history that you may not know about. In celebration of National Rose Month in June, we'd like to share a bit about this amazing flower - and encourage you to order summertime roses for those you love. Everyone loves receiving flowers, and these vivid and bright roses are sure to make their day! Call Zeidler's Flowers today, and join the entire country in recognizing roses this month.  Read More about Summertime Roses & Designs