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Patriotic Blooms for 4th of July

As the first days of summer pass, we know that the 4th of July is just around the corner. This patriotic holiday focuses on family, friends and fun as we celebrate with afternoon picnics and evening  barbeques. The symbolic colors of red, white and blue are familiar at this time of year. Also, we notice bright summer flowers and cool green plants also offer the ability to add color to our 4th of July decorations. Why not let the creative floral designers at Zeidler’s Flowers work their magic to create an arrangement just for you? Read More about Patriotic Blooms for 4th of July »
Posted by Debbie Clark on June 21, 2019 4th of July Flowers Holidays Summer

Summer Bouquets For Your Summer Decor

June is upon us, and that means summer is almost here in all her glory! Can’t you just hear the birds, feel the sun and smell the beautiful summer flowers? An explosion of colors greets us in the summer outside. It’s time to bring the beauty indoors with colorful bouquets of flowers from Zeidler’s Flowers. Let our dedicated floral artists create the perfect arrangement for your home. Whether you need an array of flower arrangements or a few simple blooms, you can find a summer bouquet that fits your needs! Read More about Summer Bouquets For Your Summer Decor »
Posted by Debbie Clark on June 2, 2019 | Last Updated: June 4, 2019 Flowers Roses Summer

A Snowy White Floral Design For Summer Too

As summer comes to a close and fall approaches, consider hanging on to some of your bright whites for a little longer. While tradition held to the notion of packing away our summer whites for the season, modern trends encourage us to keep using white in our homes and wardrobes long after the first snowfall. Try incorporating white items into your favorite room for a fresh look as we enter these cooler months. The designers at Zeidler’s Flowers have created some amazing all-white arrangements to compliment your stylish new look. Read More about A Snowy White Floral Design For Summer Too »
Posted by Debbie Clark on August 20, 2018 Flowers Summer

A Garden In Your House And Your Backyard

Having a natural garden in your own backyard is all about including organic elements that help your garden’s ecosystem thrive. Excluding harmful pesticides and other chemicals and adding flowers and produce that attract helpful pollinating insects like bees is a great way to create a healthy outdoor environment for everyone to enjoy. Farm-fresh flowers and produce can be as close as your own yard when you use environmentally-responsible growing methods. For example, did you know that dill and onions are natural pest repellants? Plant a few among your garden to ward off unwanted visitors. On the other hand, bees and butterflies play an important role in pollinating many of our food sources. Zeidler’s Flowers encourages you to help bees recover their dwindling numbers by adding bee-friendly flowers to your garden-scape. Read More about A Garden In Your House And Your Backyard »
Posted by Debbie Clark on August 13, 2018 Flowers Summer

Placing Flowers In The Home

Zeidler's Flowers knows that one of life's greatest pleasures is receiving flowers, whether you bought them for yourself or received them from somebody else. There's just nothing quite like turning your design to admire it from every angle, burying your nose in its fragrance, enjoying every last detail of each and every flower. Our talented designers love showing off their artistry and love when it has an impact. But once you've fallen in love with your new flowers, where do they go? It's not an earth-shattering dilemma, but still, it must be acknowledged: It can be truly difficult to decide on one spot for your gorgeous floral arrangement. Read More about Placing Flowers In The Home »
Posted by Debbie Clark on August 3, 2018 Flowers Summer

Flowers Fit For A Summer Feast

One of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of summer is to host a June gathering that reflects all that's best about the season---and there's a lot, if you ask us here at Zeidler's Flowers. The longer, warmer days and milder nights practically require us to plan a party that takes place outdoors, ultimately lit by candles and moonlight as it winds into the evening. Our menus might take a farm-to-table approach, showcasing the season's bounty. Imagine a platter of salmon or herb-encrusted pork next to a heaping salad topped off with garden-fresh veggies. Or a charcuterie full of meats, cheeses and seasonal fruits, a cherry pie or refreshing sorbet waiting in the wings, and plenty of chilled wine on hand. All that's missing? The flowers to go with it. Read More about Flowers Fit For A Summer Feast »
Posted by Debbie Clark on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

The Roses Of Summer

When we talk about the flowers of early summer, it's impossible not to mention roses. After all, June is designated Rose Month, and there are so many varieties that bloom with abandon during this warmer time. The rose is the perfect emblem for a season where everything is in its fullest expression: the hottest sun, some of the most drenching rains, the richest garden, the most fragrant blooms. Zeidler's Flowers welcomes the warmer months for their sense of fruition and festivity, the kind of mood that a rose design seems absolutely made for. Read More about The Roses Of Summer »
Posted by Debbie Clark on May 21, 2018 Flowers Roses Summer

Decorate with Summer Delphinium

There are only a handful of flowers in the world that bloom in "true-blue" shades, and delphinium is one of them. This beautifully unique flower not only exhibits impressive colors, but is also quite impressive in size. When growing in the wild, they can grow to heights of six or seven feet - while in floral design, their elongated, elegant stems are often utilized to add vertical interest and height to the backdrop of an arrangement. This special bloom is also the birth flower of July, making this the perfect time to take the delphinium out from behind the other flowers, and introduce you to its style first hand.  Read More about Decorate with Summer Delphinium »
Posted by Debbie Clark on July 11, 2017 Flowers Summer