Zeidler’s Flowers – Fun Facts About Smiling

make someone smileEveryone loves smiling.

Make Someone Smile Week is July 19-25, and to celebrate we thought we would share a few fun facts about the psychology of smiling. Obviously, we all know that smiling is considered the external manifestation of happiness; however it also serves as the opening of a connection to other people. Human brains are actually wired to connect with others in this way – smiling bonds us together. Interestingly, women smile more than men, and this begins early – it has been observed that even two month old baby girls smile more than infant boys.

Smiling increases trust and confidence, and also denotes a willingness to be helpful and cooperative. The study of body language gives us the insight that smiling is, indeed, contagious. We tend to copy the facial expressions of others, but respond to positive, smiling faces more so than negative expressions. Hence the phrase “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone” seems to hold true.

make someone smile

Cheerful Mug

Although not scientific, we at Zeidler’s Flowers are fairly confident that a sure way to elicit smiles is through the delivery of beautiful floral arrangements. And we have just the bouquets to do the job. Choose either our Cheerful Mug or Smiles for You arrangements for bright & sunny well wishes for someone special. Each comes in a cheerful mug that can be reused often to brighten any day.

make someone smile

Smiles for You

In general, smiling makes us feel better and leaves us wanting more happiness. Celebrate Make Someone Smile Week by sending them flowers. Zeidler’s has three Evansville area locations to serve you – we look forward to seeing your smiling face!