Making Grandparent’s Day Fun With Flowers!

Grandparents are a special part of any family, and celebrating with the entire family this Grandparent’s Day is a wonderful way to spend the day. Held the first Sunday after labor day each year, Grandparent’s Day is an ideal holiday to show your love and affection with flowers.

Whether you’re next door and can give Grandma a lovely bouquet in person or you’re across the country and want to surprise your grandparents with a flowery token of love, the day is more extraordinary with flowers.

Say It With Color

Does your grandmother have a favorite color? Perhaps she’s always been fond of the happy and carefree color of yellow. A gorgeous vase of summer sunflowers filled with joyous sunflowers, rovers, and golden asters will show your grandmother how much you adore her as part of the family.

Or, maybe her favorite color is pink, and you remember when she used to send you sweaters for your birthday that were knitted in vibrant shades of pink. A vase of beautiful pink flowers with gerbera daisies, carnations, and spray roses is so pink and lovely it almost looks edible!

Give a Sweet Surprise

What’s better than a lovely bouquet of flowers? A bouquet with flowers and candy! Remember when your grandparents used to give you candy bars to spoil you with love and happiness? Now, you can return the “flavor” with a fun mug filled with delightful gerbera daisies and carnations with yummy Nestle Crunch Bars.

Did your grandmother make delicious warm cookies for you when you visited her home as a child? Now you can thank her for those delicious visits with a decorative cookie jar topped with some silk flowers and filled with gourmet cookies from Donut Bank Bakery.

Say “I Love You” From Afar

You might live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your beloved grandparents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with them for Grandparents Day. Getting a gift in the mail is fun on any day, but it’s even more wonderful when it’s part of a holiday.

Use your creativity to choose a beautiful vase or bouquet full of cheerful tulips, gorgeous lilies, or lovely roses. Imagine the beauty and loveliness of a vase of multi-colored flowers in jewel tones of lemon yellow, dark lavender, bubblegum pink, and juicy orange.

Let your grandparents or parents know that you love them with some beautiful flowers this Grandparents Day. Let your imagination fly with a cheery vase of flowers in your grandparents’ favorite colors.

Labor Day Flowers, For The Hard Working Loved Ones in Your Life

rosesLabor Day is quickly approaching, which means that it is a great opportunity to give the gift of flowers. Flowers are a fantastic way to bring a bit of life and beauty into the home as people across the country prepare to celebrate the end of summer. For students and teachers, it means the beginning of the school year while pools and other outdoor recreation activities begin to close their doors. Many people across the country will begin to notice a change in weather as temperatures drop slightly moving into September.

Flowers are a wonderful way to commemorate this change in seasons and to celebrate the last bit of beauty that comes with the warm weather of spring and summer. Here are some fantastic flowers to choose from when selecting the perfect arrangement.

Shopping by color

Labor Day often inspires feelings of patriotism for many people. They honor the workers who have helped build this country and continue to help it move forward. For this reason, selecting flowers with a red, white, and blue theme can be a fantastic choice. Roses are often wonderful selections as they will often have red and white selections readily available. Roses are also usually available in a number of traditionally ‘summer-y’ colors, which many people also like to use to remember the close of the popular season.

Shopping by flower type

There are many different types of flowers that are traditionally associated with summer that can also make for excellent choices. Since Labor Day is typically seen as marking the end of summer, these summer flower selections can be an great way to mark the conclusion of the seasons.

Sunflowers are a popular choice for many people looking to remember summer. These larger flowers are often seen as playful yet beautiful. Arrangements can be designed to be fun and casual or more formal depending upon the sentiments of the giver. The bright yellow color is also a wonderful way to add some color to the home, which many people appreciate, especially in the higher altitudes, as fall begins to arrive.

Daisies are another popular choice for those looking to celebrate summer. These bright, white flowers are strongly associated with spring and summer blooms and are a great way to add a bit of summertime cheer to any gathering. They are featured in a number of summer-themed arrangements.

Flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate any holiday or occasion. Use these ideas to come up with some flower arrangements to enjoy as summer draws to a close. 

Flowers We Recommend For Your Easter Gift Giving

easter liliesThe Colors of Spring and Easter in a Flower Arrangement

Flowers somehow fit Easter more than any other of the traditional holidays. Maybe it’s because flowers and Easter are both signs of spring, symbolize new beginnings; or maybe it is because both flowers and Easter are pleasant rewards for having worked through a long, hard winter.

It is no coincidence, the colors that represent Easter are also the colors of some of spring’s most beautiful flowers.

Regardless of the situation, an Easter with flowers always feels like a special holiday.

Flower arrangements that make beautiful Easter gifts include:

Anything with tulips! One of the most diverse flowers in the world with respect to color varieties available — light blue and yellow and pink and green and white and a plethora of combinations — the tulip arrangement can easily be made to match the beautiful pastels that signify Easter.

Equally as important, the smell of tulips may remind us of spring-time more than the aroma of any other flower.

Hydrangeas are another beautiful flower that comes in a variety of colors. Hydrangea blooms are as striking as any you will see, both in color and size. They may be planted outdoors to return with beautiful blooms year after year. Available colors will vary, but are typically blue or pink.

Easter Lilies remind us of Easter like no other flower can. With magnificent and stately regalia, the trumpeting flowers of Easter Lilies are a calling to the change of the seasons, of fresh beginnings, innocence, and beauty. While other Easter appropriate flowers always receive sincere “ahhs”, bright smiles and loving eyes, Easter Lilies always seem to draw a gasp and a “woow.”

Daisies are so simple in their perfect beauty that they can accompany even the humblest of Easter celebrations. While they are a peaceful and welcome sight for any occasion, though smaller stature than other Easter flower arrangements, the aroma of daisies can do more for the peace, tranquility and joy of an Easter celebration than almost any other flower.

The smell of fresh daisies is unique, truly one of a kind. If there is a single smell that says spring and Easter, it’s that of the daisy.

Poinsettias are Gorgeous

It’s hard to believe Christmas is only two weeks away!  The poinsettias here at Zeidler’s Flowers are positively gorgeous.  The colors, shape, fullness…it seems everything is just perfect.  We still have red, pink and white, several sizes to choose from.
There are sweet little 4″ plants all the way up to huge ones.  They make great decorations, lasting through the New Year!  We also have paper whites, amaryllis and Christmas cactus.
Here are a few photos, but you really should come by the store on Fulton Avenue and see for yourself before they’re gone.

IMG_3080 resize IMG_3090 resize IMG_3106 resize


Cactus Gardens

cacti turtle smaller

Look what we found in the Garden Shop today.  A cute little turtle filled with cacti, or succullents!

Succulents you ask?  Here’s an abbreviated definition from Concise Encyclopedia.

Any plant with fleshy, thick tissues adapted to water storage. Some succulents (e.g., the cactus) store water only in the stem and have no leaves or very small leaves; others (e.g., agaves) store water mainly in the leaves.

Come see us if you’re interested in a cactus garden.  they’re cute and prickly, easy to care for and tolerant of  people without a green thumb.  They would also make a great Father’s Day Gift.  Lots of sizes, all prices…there’s something for everyone!


Winter Dance Floral Headquarters

When you think flowers for your upcoming Winter Dance….think Zeidlers!  We can create the most amazing corsages and boutonierres that will perfectly compliment your dress and tux.  The flowers, colors, ribbon, leaves, accents, bling…everything comes together to really make a statement.  Here are a couple of photos of things that are in the works.  Call or stop by today to place your order for that special night.

IMG_6162 (3) IMG_6163 (2) IMG_6164