A Refreshing Way to Start Spring

Springtime is officially here, and if you are like most people coming out of the long winter, then you are craving a springtime refresh in your life. At Zeidler’s Flowers, our professional florists can help you top off a spring cleaning of your home, reorganization of your office or simply help you incorporate a little more of the season’s renewal with fresh, fragrant, and cheerful springtime flowers and potted plants.

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Capture The Scent Of Spring In Your Space

The snow-white beauty of winter can only hold our interest for so long before we begin to yearn for the colorful, blooming, and fertile beauty of springtime flowers. The delicate scent of hyacinth flowers are a sure sign that spring has arrived, and your spring will look lovely with a vase of spring flowers from Zeidler’s Flowers.

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Daffodils Bring Spring Back

When winter finally recedes, one of the most potent, iconic and cheerful symbols of spring is the daffodil. With its bright golden petals and distinctive shape, this flower can instantly lift the spirits and light up a room. The Fresh Cut Daffodils bouquet from Zeidler’s Flowers brings this radiant energy to anyone fortunate enough to receive them.

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Celebration of Colorful Spring Flowers

Colorful Spring Flowers

Spring is in full swing, and color is everywhere – from nature to fashion, the drab days of winter are a distant memory! Zeidler’s Flowers has an entire collection of colorful spring flowers which beautifully celebrate the season. As we head into the second half of spring and anticipate summer, we are confident that these flowers will brighten your life, and bring joy to anyone lucky enough to receive a spring arrangement or bouquet for a special occasion. In spring, it’s all about color – the more vivid the better!  Continue reading

Designing Spring Florals

spring floralsWhen surrounded by cold weather and snow, it is hard to think about spring – but it is just around the corner! In fact, we can take a cue from the crocus, one of the first blooms of springtime. This brave and tenacious little flower refuses to wait until it is officially spring, in fact it will often push itself up through the snow, eager to get the season going! Therefore, now is a great time to fill your home with the bright colors of spring flowers – even if the weather outside might not seem like it is cooperating.

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Celebrate the Season with Colorful Daisies

daisiesThe official birth flower of April is the daisy, one of the most recognizable flowers of spring. The white petals and yellow centers of the shasta daisy bring to mind daisies growing wild along roadsides and across meadows; they remind us of carefree summer days. But the classic  flower is just one of the many varieties of daisy that we celebrate this month – so let’s learn more about this well-known bloom. 

  • The name “daisy” originated as a derivation of the Old English words “daes esg”, translated to “day’s eye”. The flower shuts and closes into a bud at night, and opens its petals again in morning sunlight.
  • Daisies have an extensive family of floral relatives. These “vascular plants” – so called because they circulate nutrients much like a blood circulatory system – represent 10% of all flowering plants on the Earth.
  • Daisies are essentially two flowers. The center of the daisy contains tiny disc flowers; the petals are another flower unto themselves.
  • Daisy leaves are not only edible, they are very healthy. This great source of vitamin C also can calm coughs, ease congestion and alleviate the pain of a sore back.
  • Because the daisy is often impervious to bugs and pesticides, they can begin to act like weeds very quickly, and overgrowth is common if they are not controlled.
daisies daisies

Gerbera daisies come in a wide spectrum of striking colors, a fact that makes them the daisy of choice for many floral arrangers. They are often the focal point of vibrant spring bouquets, and combine beautifully with a full range of seasonal flowers. For all April birthdays, consider sending the official birth flower of the month – stop into one of our two Zeidler’s Flowers today to order yours!

Top Flower Choices for Spring Gift-Giving

Spring flowersSpring is a time of rebirth, of new beginnings, and the return of warmer, more pleasant weather. It’s also the season for beautiful spring flowers.

No matter what the occasion, a bouquet of spring flowers brings a bright, uplifting energy to any room. While springtime offers a wide variety of expected and appreciated blooms such as tulips, daffodils and lilacs, there are a number of other eye-catching spring flowers you might not have considered. They are suitable for Mother’s Day gift-giving as well as birthdays, anniversaries, spring wedding decor, and any other springtime occasion.

Here are three spring flower choices you might not have considered that are sure to bring added life and appeal to any flower arrangement or gift idea:

Spring Lilies

Lilies aren’t just for Easter anymore. This gorgeous spring bloom comes in a range of shapes and colors, all of them embodying the radiance and new hope of spring. A Symphony in Color spring bouquet is bursting with visual music for the eyes and heart. It features bright, warm-colored Asiatic lilies along with roses, carnations, daisies, alstromeria, statice, and assorted greenery. This fresh floral arrangement is bursting with shades of orange, purple, yellow, and hot pink. Stargazer and calla lilies are two other stunning spring lily choices to consider this season.

Spring flowers

Symphony in Color

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies bloom throughout the summer and into autumn, but their blooming season begins in spring. Larger and more petaled than other daisies, the gerbera daisy comes in just about any color you can imagine and brings a bright, uplifting energy to flower arrangements. Find them mixed with mini carnations, spray roses and button pomps in the breathtaking Bedazzled bouquet featuring shades of pink and purple.

Spring flowers



The snapdragon is another sometimes-overlooked spring flower that brings life and interest to any springtime bouquet. With tall, stately stalks adorned with delicate petals, snapdragons add height and visual appeal to flower arrangements while radiating a definite springtime energy. They come in white and spring pastels, but they are also available in deeper shades of pink, red, orange and yellow to complement any floral color palette.

spring flowers

Sprinkle of Color

Spring is a time for renewal, for fresh starts and new beginnings. These three flower types offer some different options beyond the expected. Take advantage of the bounty of the season by sending spring flowers for any occasion. Contact Zeidler’s Flowers for more springtime gift ideas or to place your flower order.