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Zeidler's Flowers

Posted by on October 15, 2014 Flowers

Beautiful Flowers for National Boss’s Day

Established in 1962 by a secretary working for an insurance company, businesses celebrate Boss’s Day on October 16th each year, or the nearest working day when the 16th falls on a weekend. The holiday gives employees a chance to thank the boss with a small token of appreciation for a manager’s hard work during the year to create an enjoyable and rewarding workplace.

Traditional Gifts for Boss’s Day

Most gifts offered for Boss’s Day are small tokens, decorative objects, or edible gifts that serve as a gentle reminder of the holiday. A gift card for your boss’s favorite coffee shop will brighten the morning. A special lunch delivered to the office will let your boss know you value his or her efforts to run a happy and healthy workplace.

A fun basket of candy and treats will infuse the office with some fun, or a larger party basket that everyone can share can be a welcome choice for an office with a communal atmosphere. Baskets of treats and candy pair wonderfully with balloons.

Choosing Flowers for National Boss’s Day

Flowers provide days of beauty for the boss’s desk or office, and a vase of flowers or a lush plant is a wonderful way to include a little color in a standard corporate office. If your boss has a window with a shelf, you might choose a lovely palm plant for a beautiful green addition to the office during the autumn and winter months.

Alternatively, you can also choose some vivid flowers in a basket, vase, or decorative pot. Does your boss have a favorite color? A trendy vase full of orange roses, hydrangea, and lilies would be the ideal Boss’s Day gift to brighten the office.

Buying Something Special for Boss’s Day

If you’ve celebrated Boss’s Day before and want to get a little creative this year, you might choose a fun gift like a bright green arrangement of bamboo. Wish your boss health and happiness with a plant that symbolizes luck and is easy to grow.

You can also combine the best of both worlds with some cookies and silk flowers arranged together in a fun flower-topped vase. After the cookies are enjoyed, the jar may remain as decoration or as a place to keep office supplies or extra change.

If you’ve worked at your office for several years and know your boss well, the sky’s the limit for fun gifts and tokens of thanks for National Boss’s Day. If you’re a new employee and want to choose a tactful and humble gift, any small arrangement and card will let your boss know he or she is respected and appreciated.