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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on November 19, 2018 Flowers

Bring A Little Holiday Spirit To The Office

We’re so excited to be talking about early holiday decor today, and in particular the kind you can introduce to your workplace. It may be early in the game, but it’s never too early, once November hits, to start subtly hinting at the coming holidays. The office or work space is often one of the last places to receive our attention when it comes to seasonal decor, so why not nip that in the bud?

Give your co-workers and colleagues the gift of a floral design that they can enjoy all winter long. What we love so much about Cardinals In Winter is that it’s appropriate for a variety of spaces and scenarios, from centerpiece on your table at home to welcoming piece at your office’s front desk. It reads as whimsical and seasonal, rather than as strictly holiday. And the best part is, it’s available in both fresh and silk versions, which means it truly can be a design that you can enjoy again and again. Or, if you want that fresh evergreen scent, go for the live one.

The state bird of Indiana never looked more charming than poised at the entry to the rustic birdhouse here in a bed of greens and berries. Bring this into the office and you’ll not only be setting the scene for a festive season, but creating a warm and welcoming vibe for customers, clients and guests.