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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on January 8, 2015 Flowers

Celebrating Houseplant Appreciation Day

Celebrated on January 10th each year, Houseplant Appreciation Day arrives just as you’re putting away the holiday decorations and getting ready to wait out the winter weather until spring arrives. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy classic winter flowers like tulips, but until then, make winter a little more colorful with a potted plant or two in your home.

Choosing Your New Houseplant

Even if you don’t feel as though you have a green thumb, the great thing about houseplants is that they’re easy to care for, even if you forget them on the windowsill for several weeks. If you want some beautiful color in your home, you might try a kalanchoe plant. The flowers that are produced are long lasting and grow during any time of the year.

Make sure to place them in a window that gets ample sun for the season. A south-facing window during the winter will offer a suitable amount of sunlight. Alternatively, for a plant that may last decades with basic care, you might try an African violet. You’ll love the soft, fuzzy leaves and the frequent blooms.

Remember: Don’t get the leaves wet when you water your African violets! Water close to soil level to avoid splashing.

Tend To and Care For Your Green Friends

The Chinese evergreen you put on the dining room sideboard last spring has seen better days, and it might look a little weary from a lack of sun and the chill in the air. Houseplant Appreciation Day is the perfect time to refresh that plant by cutting away dead leaves and moving it to a window that will get some winter sun for the next few months.

One of the best features of houseplants is that they’re usually easy to care for and may last several years as long as they’re watered a few times a week. Some plants, like cactuses, can go a whole winter having been forgotten and survive through the season to greet the spring. If you’ve neglected your houseplants this winter, now’s the time to find your watering can and some plant food.

When you can’t enjoy the flowers in bloom in your garden, a houseplant from Zeidler’s Flowers will keep your home green and alive during the winter. Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day by replacing your holiday wreaths and decorations with a beautiful flowering houseplant.