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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on July 11, 2017 Flowers

Decorate with Summer Delphinium

delphiniumThere are only a handful of flowers in the world that bloom in “true-blue” shades, and delphinium is one of them. This beautifully unique flower not only exhibits impressive colors, but is also quite impressive in size. When growing in the wild, they can grow to heights of six or seven feet – while in floral design, their elongated, elegant stems are often utilized to add vertical interest and height to the backdrop of an arrangement. This special bloom is also the birth flower of July, making this the perfect time to take the delphinium out from behind the other flowers, and introduce you to its style first hand. delphiniumThe heat of summer sometimes requires a little cooling off – and our Blue Skies Bud Vase is the perfect gift to do so. Whether you send this arrangement as a thoughtful birthday bouquet, or use it to brighten up your dining room table, the deep blues and sunny yellows are the perfect homage to a clear summer day.

The name of the delphinium bloom originated in ancient Greece, and is derived from the word “delphis”, which means dolphin. It is assumed that the graceful, curving shape of the flower reminded the ancients of the gentle animal. Another common name for the delphinium is larkspur, also inspired by nature. Some think that the petals look like the sharp claws, or spurs, of the lark’s foot

delphiniumThere is something serene and peaceful about this gorgeous color palette – above, we combined the delphinium with blue Eryngium (thistle) , blue hydrangea and pristine white roses, creating a gorgeous floral arrangement ideal for all your July birthday celebrants.  But no matter the occasion, delphinium is a beautiful choice.

There are so many unique and beautiful summer flowers that you may not know about – we invite you to come into Zeidler’s Flowers to learn more about the freshest seasonal flowers in the store. Whether delivering to Evansville or beyond, you can always trust our commitment to expertise, customer service, and to making the world a little more beautiful every day.