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Decorating this Hanukkah with Flowers

Every year, families across the world celebrate Hanukkah for eight nights by lighting one candle on the menorah each evening. The middle candle of the menorah helps light the other eight candles each night of the festival.

Sometimes called the “Festival of Lights,” this important yearly celebration is often accompanied by customs like eating latkes and spinning a four-sided top known as a dreidel. Flowers are a beautiful part of your Hanukkah decorations.

Blue, the Unofficial Color of Hanukkah

Over the last century, the colors of blue and silver have become synonymous with Hanukkah celebrations. Families that celebrate Hanukkah often hang blue and white lights outside the home in December. Choosing flowers to match that color scheme is one way to coordinate all the decorations for the celebration.

It’s easy to find white flowers to complement the silver, but blue isn’t the most common hue in floral arrangements. If you’re hosting a small family gathering during Hanukkah, you might choose a vase of elegant white roses and place them on a blue runner or tablecloth.

Flowers that grow naturally in blue include orchids, delphinium, and hydrangea. Other blue flowers you might seek out include daisies, carnations, or roses dyed in blue.


For Multicultural Families

If you’re looking at a December where Christmas and Hanukkah are both celebrated, which often happens in modern families, the flowers you choose are a wonderful way to combine the themes of these important celebrations.

A vase of beautiful white flowers with accents that represents peace is a beautiful way to decorate when you set up a Christmas tree and also light a menorah.

Another creative way to combine all the colors of the holiday is with a traditional patriotic display in red, white, and blue. A beautiful glass cube filled with roses will match the red ornaments on the tree and the blue table runner that sits under the menorah.

Whether your Hanukkah events are casual or formal, flowers will infuse the holiday with joy and happiness and beautify any celebration or gathering.