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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on February 18, 2017 | Last Updated: February 22, 2017 Flowers

Designing Spring Florals

spring floralsWhen surrounded by cold weather and snow, it is hard to think about spring – but it is just around the corner! In fact, we can take a cue from the crocus, one of the first blooms of springtime. This brave and tenacious little flower refuses to wait until it is officially spring, in fact it will often push itself up through the snow, eager to get the season going! Therefore, now is a great time to fill your home with the bright colors of spring flowers – even if the weather outside might not seem like it is cooperating.

Early Arrivals: In addition to the crocus, two other bulb flowers – the daffodil and the tulip – also do their best to usher in the springtime as early as possible! spring florals

The changing of the season is an exciting time for a floral designer, as we look forward to having new flowers to create with – each with its own spectacular color and interesting texture. If you are looking to bring the fresh spring attitude into your space, here are a few more spring flowers we are looking forward to arranging just for you.

Gerbera daisies – as well as all the asters and daisies – are quintessential spring flowers, with their cheerful countenance and optimistic aura. Lilies are synonymous with springtime in general and the Easter season in particular. Although the white variety is used for the holiday, orange lilies and pink stargazers are popular in seasonal bouquets. Roses are grown year round, but pastel spray roses are perfect for your spring arrangements.  Hyacinth, snapdragons, hydrangea, irises, peonies, dahlias – these are spring flowers that add vibrant hues to bouquets. If you are wondering how to best arrange them, look to the wildflowers! Lavish bunches of mixed flowers are an iconic expression of the beauty of spring.

spring florals

We are all looking forward to the warmth and sunshine of the new season. Spring florals are on the horizon, so stop in to speak to our team about the flowers that are currently available – and let’s celebrate the imminent arrival of springtime in Evansville.