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Posted by on September 26, 2014 Flowers

All About Our Favorite Fall Flowers!

One of the best seasons for flowers, autumn brings the blooms we have waited for through spring and summer. With the weather cooling down, fall is a great time to bring the flowers inside to brighten up the home. At Zeidler’s Flowers, we provide a beautiful selection of artfully arranged bouquets for fall using some of our favorite fall flowers.

Anise Hyssop – This plant blooms through summer and fall, but we especially like it for fall because of its sweet, licorice scent. Anise hyssop features spikes of clustered blooms in lavender and blue, which provide a beautiful complement to the other more common yellow and orange blooms of the season, and look wonderful arranged in a hollowed out pumpkin. This flower does not just smell delicious, but is also edible. Consider incorporating it into the meal for which the arrangement will be centerpiece.

Perennial Sunflower – One of the more popular autumn flowers, the perennial sunflower features smaller blooms than annual sunflowers, and range in color from a creamy yellow to bright, golden yellow. These flowers do well in a garden, and regrow year after year, but have also proven to be quite versatile in arrangements with nearly endless combinations and possibilities. Blooms of the perennial sunflowers are synonymous with harvest, and combined with a few sprigs of wheat make a perfect centerpiece for the dining room table.

Aster – We also love the aster for its versatility. Available in white, blue, pink, and purple varieties, its blooms can be used to enliven nearly any bouquet. Their delicately petite blooms do well to soften an arrangement of bulky or large-bloomed flowers. They also make a wonderful addition to any autumn garden, attracting butterflies with their sweet pollen.

Chrysanthemums – Often called mums, chrysanthemums are one of the quintessential autumn flowers. They can be found almost anywhere during the autumn season. Typically available as potted plants, they warm up a front porch well in autumn with their abundant, welcoming blooms. These flowers also look beautiful in bouquets, adding bursts of yellow, red, white, pink, purple, or multicolored petals. In addition, cut chrysanthemums can be dried, and enjoyed in a bouquet throughout the winter.

Whether you grow your autumn flowers in the garden, in potted plants, or choose to decorate your home with arrangements, these fall flowers are sure to warm up and brighten the autumn season. At Zeidler’s Flowers, we can help you select the best fall flowers for your home this season.