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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on May 29, 2015 Flowers

How to Care for Your Summer Flowers

summer flowers

Summer is quickly approaching, which means that people everywhere are beginning to eagerly look towards the popular summer blooms for some color and beauty. The various popular summer flowers add a tremendous burst of color that makes all of us a Zeidler’s Flowers smile. We love helping our customers learn how to take care of these beautiful blooms so that they can help the beauty of summer last. Here are some of the most popular flowers about which we hear customers asking.

Remember that when you receive flowers in a vase, it is a good idea to begin by trimming the stems underwater. This helps to eliminate any air bubbles to help the flower remain hydrated. You want to keep the cut flowers out of direct sun and intense heat. It is also best to change the water about every two days.


Lilies are particularly popular this time of year, especially our gorgeous, bright yellow lilies, such as in our Touched by Sunshine arrangement. The timeless bloom seems to unfold a ray of sunshine in any room of the house.

summer flowers

Touched by Sunshine

Gerbera daisies

These daisies are known for adding a gorgeous splash of color to any arrangement, such as our Michiyo bouquet. These flowers come in several colors, each more brilliant than the last. When paired with flowers such as the stargazer lily, spray roses, and konfetti roses, their color helps to bring entire arrangements together.

summer flowers




Hydrangea is a magnificent summertime flower that people love. These blooms offer rich, gentle color that fits perfectly with the season. We offer our customers a lovely potted hydrangea plant that issure to brighten up any area that houses it.

When caring for hydrangea, by sure to choose an area that receives the desired morning sun and afternoon shade. It is also wise to regularly firm the soil around the roots to eliminate air pockets. The plants should be watered when the top inch of the soil starts to feel dry and the flowers should be fed fertilizer once or twice a year.

summer flowers

Hydrangea Plant

Selecting the right flower and caring for it properly can help make summer even more lovely. Consider some of our above ideas for an excellent flower selection.