Zeidler's Flowers

Zeidler's Flowers

Posted by bmobley on October 28, 2009 Uncategorized

Poinsettias on the “grow”…..

Our poinsettia crop is looking great. Margie and Vicki have been nurturing them for weeks now and their efforts are paying off. The plants are sturdy and growing almost exactly to our specifications. Since early October, all poinsettias have been in complete darkness after sundown to promote their “coloring up”. It’s crazy to think a beam from a flashlight could alter their coloring at full maturity, but we’ve seen that happen. Years ago, we noticed a section of our poinsettia crop that wasn’t turning red on schedule. Low and behold we found out our night attendant was cruising around the greenhouse checking temperatures using a high-beam flashlight and having a lighted entryway door open at times. Well I guess anyone can be scared of the dark, so we switched to computer temperature monitoring to eliminate unnecessary night trips amongst the “sleeping” poinsettias. Stay tuned for more poinsettia updates……


Freedom Red on October 27, 2009


Poinsettia crop in greenhouse October 27, 2009