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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on October 7, 2018 Flowers

The Best Gifts For Your Bosses Are Green

Every fall we set aside a day to honor the individuals in our lives who help us work more efficiently, who mentor us as we grow professionally, and who cheer us on to new heights in our work. Our bosses are special people whose hard work often goes unnoticed. This October 16th is Bosses Day, so take time to recognize everything your boss does to create a healthy work environment. Let them know how helpful they are on this special day. Zeidler’s Flowers has some awesome gifts, plants and flowers that are perfect for gifting to your boss this year.

Choose something as unique as your boss to give him or her this month. Our Bonsai Tree is Juniper and comes accented with decorative rocks in a ceramic container, making it an attractive gift. The size is perfect for a desktop or office space and can lend itself to helping reduce stress for your boss.

Let your boss know how grateful you are for everything he or she does for you every day. Being fair-minded, honest and approachable, and showing support and encouragement where it’s needed are all ways your boss helps you be better in the workplace. Talk to the professionals at Zeidler’s Flowers about the best gift options for your boss this year.