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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on July 23, 2018 Flowers

Top Floral Attractions In Our Neck Of The Woods

Zeidler’s Flowers is taking a minute to give you yet another thing to put on your bucket list: visiting a floral attraction.

Yes, these exist, from elaborate flower shows to quirky flower festivals, stunning botanical gardens or big-deal blooming events across mountains and deserts. In the spring and summer, the whole of the U.S. experiences peak blooming for many of their signature flowers and plants. It makes sense that towns, cities and regions would want to celebrate their most beautiful assets in the form of flower events that showcase them. To wit: our own SWIMGA offers a bi-annual tour of about ten gardens. It’s a great way to explore our community’s flora and fauna, as well as an excuse to immerse yourself in the local culture of others. And that’s something we’ve made easy for you in our list below.

Orleans Dogwood Festival, Orleans, Indiana

Travel to this small town that celebrates its dogwoods in a big way (and has been doing so since 1968). There’s food, live entertainment, carnival rides and a parade surrounding the blooming of Orleans’ gorgeous dogwoods in April. We love a family-friendly festival that honors nature, and this is a great example.

Lilac Festival, Mackinac Island, Michigan

Discover the land that time forgot in the form of this sweet, serene island in the middle of Lake Huron. Lilacs grow in abundance here, and come June, this pretty little patch of the world is ready to celebrate them over the course of ten days. There are concerts, food and wine events and even a dog and pony show to participate in after you’re done marveling at the flowers.

Tulip Time, Holland, Michigan

The little Dutch city is awash in 4.5 million tulips, all at their peak over this May week of festivities. There’s so much rich culture here we hardly know where to start, from the Dutch food and activities to the dancing. Three parades herald the arrival of spring, which is further evidenced at the Marktplaats. Don’t miss this one.

Once you’ve been sufficiently inspired, create a blooming floral event in your own home with a piece like our Rustic Garden.