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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on November 9, 2015 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

Zeider’s Flowers – World Peace Day

world peace dayWorld Peace Day will be once again be celebrated on November 17, as people across the country strive to promote the virtues of understanding and reconciliation. This non-traditional celebration of peace and goodwill was established in the late 1990’s by Don Morris, also known locally in Miami as “Peaceguy”. Mr. Morris created the yearly observance on the premise that if we want to change the world, we first must change as individuals. If we want world peace, we must first strive to have peace in our relationships and local communities.


Unlike a large, established federal holiday, World Peace Day is decidedly grass roots. The only real slogan driving the movement is “just be nice to one another”. Spread peace among family and friends. Extend that to the people you meet every day. Then consider random acts of kindness to benefit people you don’t know. The goal is simple – do good in your corner of the world, and watch it grow. Can it grow to a global scale? Morris likes to dream it can.



If you would like to send goodwill in the form of a floral arrangement, Zeidler’s has flowers, green plants, gifts and gourmet baskets for every occasion. In honor of World Peace Day, this planter showcases the appropriately named Peace Lily, which delivers serenity with it wherever it goes.



To truly inspire peace and tranquility, the Regal Orchid offers a zen-infused aura that will transform any environment into a peaceful oasis. Imagine the smile on the face of the recipient of this beautiful bloom, especially if it is sent unexpectedly to extend a conciliatory hand to someone in your life.


This November 17th, you can do your small part right here in Evansville. Every kind act is a step towards seeing the dream of a more peaceful world become reality. Smile, be kind and deliver joy. Should you wish to send flowers to commemorate the day, Zeidler’s Flowers is here to assist. As always, we wish you peace.