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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on August 1, 2014 | Last Updated: December 21, 2022 Flowers

3 Tips For Picking Perfect Summer Picnic Flowers

Buying flowers on Valentine’s Day is easy — red roses. Buying flowers for other occasions? Not so easy when you start to realize how many different kinds of flowers there are and how many different ways they can be arranged. If you’re trying to figure out what flowers to give as a gift at a summer picnic and find yourself stumped, try these three tips to help you find the answer.

1. Consider the Message You Want to Send

Flowers have many different meanings. For example, roses are usually a symbol of love, carnations are symbols of pride and beauty, gardenias are connected with sweetness, and daisies stand for innocence. The meanings may also change with the color. A red rose is a time-honored symbol of love while pink roses show admiration. White roses are reserved for marriages or other new beginnings, while yellow roses say just friends. If you decide the message you want to send, there’s probably a flower just for that. To make things even easier, you can often shop by occasion.

2. Think About How the Arrangement Will Fit Into Their Home

A common sight in hospitals is the giant get well soon bouquets. The same holds true at weddings and other events where public gift-giving is common. Before you buy that giant arrangement for a summer picnic, think about if bigger really sends a stronger message. What do you expect a person to do with the arrangement? A small arrangement can easily fit on a kitchen counter, table, shelf, window sill, or desk and be remembered for a few weeks.

3. Consider Something Permanent Instead

If you really want to give a meaningful give, consider something a little more permanent. A green plant in a nice planter can brighten up a home for years to come and will also help improve the quality of the indoor air. If they don’t have the perfect place for it, they can easily bring it to work or give it to a friend, so it will never go to waste.