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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on January 14, 2015 Flowers

5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Wedding in Red

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMRed, the official color of January, is also the color most used to represent deep feelings of passion, romance, and love. For this reason, red makes the perfect choice for a wedding’s theme color. Whether you plan to schedule your wedding for January or a different time of year, splashing this vibrant hue around on your big day will energize both your ceremony and reception. The following are five fun ways you can incorporate the color red into your wedding celebration.

1. Attire – Normally, we do not think of people as decorations, but at a wedding the rules change. The wedding party is a major part of the event’s decor. For a red theme, have your bridesmaids and groomsmen dress wear red or red accessories to complement the ceremony. Even though the bride traditionally wears a white gown on her wedding day, she can still have fun accenting her gown with red elements like heels, lipstick, jewelry, and hair accessories.

redrose4onred-140122743332. Flowers – While flowers can be used to beautify almost every portion of the wedding day, the most important floral element is the bride’s bouquet. Select a bouquet of red flowers and add whimsical or unique elements like feathers, rhinestones, pearls, or lace to individualize it to reflect the ceremony’s style and the bride’s personality.

3. Cake – The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the wedding reception. Your cake should not only reflect your wedding’s style and colors, but also your own personal taste. For a bold style, a cake iced completely in red will stand out, while a cake featuringred accents like rose petals or ribbons will provide a more subtle air of style.

ES0397-130103850584. Table Settings – Be sure to use your wedding’s theme colors in the table settings at your reception. Select red linens and looks for centerpieces which will complement the rest of the wedding’s decor.

5. Personality – Any items which uniquely represent your personality and style can be used to decorate your wedding. Choose quirky favors, fun lighting, and personalized decorations to make your wedding day a day all of your guests will be sure to remember.

Our professional floral designers and wedding consultants at Zeidler’s Flowers look forward to assisting you with your wedding decorations. We wish you a happy new start!