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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on June 20, 2014 | Last Updated: December 21, 2022 Flowers

5 Things To Do With Your Flowers on the First Day of Summer!

A Bursting Profusion of Flowers

On the first day of summer, gardens, local farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and florist shops will be brimming with a riot of stunning flowers.  Purchase an arrangement or bouquet of these summertime blooms and use them to create fun, easy floral treatments for your home.  For a summer barbecue, pair clematis, dahlias, chocolate cosmos, viburnum, eucalyptus berries, and chamomile in vintage vases for rustic elegance.  Flowers show their versatility in any room of the house, so head out to Zeidler’s Flowers, Gardens, and Gifts to pick up an exciting array of blooms and try these ideas yourself.


When visiting friends, treat the host and hostess to a colorful, scented nosegay.  Tie a silk ribbon around long-stemmed blooms, such as roses or dahlias.  First, remove the leaves from the stems, then beginning at the top, wrap the silk ribbon around the stems.  Depending upon the length, wrap up to five inches and leave the rest of the stems unwrapped.

Pressed Flowers

If only we could make the first day of summer last all year!  Just before the blooms begin to fade, use an old book and press the flowers between the pages.  After they have dried, you can incorporate them into future projects.  Since the blooms can leave stains, avoid using an expensive, first edition!

Creative Wrapping

Use a length of wet cotton or paper towel to wrap around the stem of a lily, then cover it with floral tape.  Wrap the stems with raffia, and the lily will stay fresh for several days.

Candles and Flowers

Candles and flowers complement each other beautifully.  Use an old clay garden pot, fill it with wet florist’s foam, and center a candle inside.  Place viburnum and eucalyptus berries to surround the perimeter of the pot.  Avoid using dried flowers that could catch fire.

Minimalist Beauty

Use single blooms of large, colorful blossoms in single vases and place them artfully throughout your home.  Vary the types, heights, and colors of the vases and arrange them in groups of three or five.  Be sure the glass sparkles by cleaning first with an eco-friendly, simple solution of water and vinegar.  A bottlebrush will reach any old stains at the bottom.

Bring the relaxing joy of summer inside your home with a vibrant array of blooms.  You will find an endless choice of colors and varieties this time of year to spread cheer throughout the rooms.