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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on August 13, 2018 Flowers

A Garden In Your House And Your Backyard

Having a natural garden in your own backyard is all about including organic elements that help your garden’s ecosystem thrive. Excluding harmful pesticides and other chemicals and adding flowers and produce that attract helpful pollinating insects like bees is a great way to create a healthy outdoor environment for everyone to enjoy. Farm-fresh flowers and produce can be as close as your own yard when you use environmentally-responsible growing methods. For example, did you know that dill and onions are natural pest repellants? Plant a few among your garden to ward off unwanted visitors. On the other hand, bees and butterflies play an important role in pollinating many of our food sources. Zeidler’s Flowers encourages you to help bees recover their dwindling numbers by adding bee-friendly flowers to your garden-scape.

Our Simplicity bouquet is a great example of a beautiful way to display organically-grown sunflowers for a natural look. Rest easy knowing you’re bringing flowers into your home that have been raised in an environmentally-responsible setting.

Pretty purple vase is filled with bright sunflowers and other natural looking greenery.

Whether you grow them yourself or buy from a local vendor, bringing farm-fresh flowers to your outdoor space can add natural beauty and encourage a healthy ecosystem right in your own backyard. Talk to the floral experts at Ziedler’s Flowers for more ways to grow a healthy garden.