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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on September 30, 2017 | Last Updated: October 2, 2017 Flowers

Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

pet Halloween costumes

One of the best parts about being the local florist here in Evansville is that we have the opportunity to participate in our friend’s and neighbor’s lives. Through our floral designs, we help you to celebrate the birth of a new baby, or the anniversary of your favorite couple. Our flowers are there to congratulate you on the promotion, honor you on your birthday, and comfort you through the loss of a loved one.

Doing life with our customers is one of the best parts of our jobs here at Zeidler’s Flowers – and that includes having a little fun with our furry family members. After all, Fluffy and FIdo are as much a part of the community as the rest of us! Each year we sponsor a pet Halloween costume contest, and so to kick off the autumn season, we thought we might share just a few of our past distinguished participants. 

From a pensive party animal waiting for his guests to arrive, to an adorable lady bug flitting about the house – these awesome canines prove that Halloween is not just for the humans.

At first we were concerned that this poor little guy had suffered an injury and was bandaged up, but it turns out he was channeling his inner mummy, with a deadpan expression to match. 

But it was Cowboy Guage who stole everyone’s heart last year, garnering enough votes to be our contest winner. If unique pet Halloween costumes are right up your alley, start planning now and be on the lookout for this year’s online contest! (Follow us on Facebook!)

Of course, Zeidler’s Flowers is also your hometown choice for fall floral designs and beautifully spooky Halloween arrangements. We look forward to helping you to celebrate this fun and whimsical season!