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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on August 21, 2015 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

Birthday Gladiolus

gladiolusFlowers have a rare capability to evoke strong emotions and memories, through their implicit symbolism. Utilizing the understanding of floral meanings can assist in choosing the perfect bouquet to express the emotions of any given occasion. The birth flower for the month of August is gladiolus – making this the best time to send this stunningly impressive flower to those with an imminent birthday!

There are nearly 260 hybrid species of the gladiola today, all of which came from the original seven variations. Growing to heights of several feet, the gladiolus is a striking basis for any floral arrangement. Their funnel shaped blooms have petals that are wavy and ruffled; and come in a broad variety of colors, and vibrant patterns. The gladiolus received its unique name because of its pointy, blade-shaped leaves. The Latin word gladius, which means sword, references the blade of the iconic Roman gladiators; therefore the gladiolus flower has come to embody the qualities of strong morality, honor and ethics. If you admire someone for these character traits, the gladiolus is the flower to send.

There are, of course, alternate reasons for sending the gladiolus. It is the traditional flower of remembrance, making it the classic flower to be utilized in tribute floral arrangements. Classically, Victorian era romanticists claimed that the “sword lily” – as the gladiolus is also called – could pierce someone’s heart like Cupid’s arrow. If you have fallen in love at first sight, or if you are infatuated by a special someone – perhaps the gladiolus flower can help you win their heart!

With two locations in the Evansville area, the expert florists at Zeidler’s Flowers are here to assist you to select the ideal floral arrangement. Convey meaningful sentiments through the gift of flowers – and remember – if you know someone with an August birthday, the gladiolus flower is the bloom of choice!