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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on September 10, 2018 Flowers

Bring Nature To You For Self-Care September

When life starts to feel stressful and busy, take a few minutes to enjoy some of nature’s greatest offerings. Go for a walk in a nearby park, spend time meditating in your garden or sit beside running water to feel connected and restored by all of nature’s offerings. Surrounding yourself with natural greenery has also been proven to have multiple health benefits such as lowering stress levels and increasing focus. Evansville florist Zeidler’s Flowers suggests bringing nature to you and creating a plant friendly environment to destress and relax.

What better way to bring serenity and relaxation into your life that with a Spathiphyllum Peace Lily? This leafy rich green plant boasts creamy white blooms accented by garden butterflies for a lovely element of nature in any setting. Peace lilies are specifically great at purifying the air around them and require very little maintenance.

Restore balance and create a sense of serenity with beautiful plants in your home or office. Bring a spirit of calm into your living space with plants that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Talk to the professionals at Ziedler’s Flowers about the best options for you and enjoy our delivery service anywhere in the Evansville area.