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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on March 19, 2018 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

Capture The Scent Of Spring In Your Space

The snow-white beauty of winter can only hold our interest for so long before we begin to yearn for the colorful, blooming, and fertile beauty of springtime flowers. The delicate scent of hyacinth flowers are a sure sign that spring has arrived, and your spring will look lovely with a vase of spring flowers from Zeidler’s Flowers.

The Fragrant Hyacinth arrangement is an ideal choice for enjoying the spring as the delicate flowers come in beautiful blue, delicate pink, or refreshing white, which are all lovely colors to celebrate the brilliance of the spring. Cradled in a beautiful four-inch ceramic pot, the hyacinths will brighten your Evansville spring whether winter has decided to hang on a little longer or the cold has receded and made way for welcome spring warmth.

You may also choose to plant your hyacinth bulbs in the ground to beautify your outdoor space next spring. After somewhere around eight to 12 weeks of beautiful blooms, your hyacinths will begin to enter a dormant stage, but the disappearance of your hyacinth’s flowers is just the beginning of another phase of life when you can keep the bulb for autumn planting.

The best time to plant your hyacinth bulbs in Indiana is right before the ground freezes, so you’ll want to think about putting your bulbs in the ground around the end of October. Whether you enjoy your hyacinths for just one spring or multiple years, you’ll love the vibrancy of this classic springtime flower when you order from Zeidler’s Flowers.