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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on January 19, 2016 Flowers

Carnations from Zeidler’s

carnations“Carnation” is a derivative of the the words corona and coronation – a reference to the fact that the flower was used to weave the floral wreaths worn on the heads of Greek deities. A Greek botanist gave the carnation its scientific name, which is dianthus, translated to “flower of the gods”, so called for its association with these same greek mythological gods. From these regal beginnings, the carnation has become more common, although carnations may be one of the most versatile flowers in existence. They are used in all types of arrangements – from celebrating the birth of a baby, to being the most recognized flower in memorial service displays, and every life event in between.


In contemporary times, carnations are recognized as the official flower of January birthdays, giving them the honor of leading off the floral calendar year. Zeidler’s has whimsical carnation gifts to send well wishes to everyone on your list, including this Floral Cupcake, made entirely of carnations. You may have heard that carnations are edible, and that is true – but we don’t recommend eating this cupcake – simply enjoy it’s festive beauty! Or, if your birthday recipient doesn’t have a sweet tooth, treat him or her to the first birthday round with our unique Cheers to You bouquet.carnations

Carnations are considered the appropriate flower to send to couples celebrating their first anniversary; while pink carnations are often sent on Mother’s Day to honor a mom who has always shown devoted love.



Whether celebrating a birth, honoring a life or thanking your Mom, Zeidler’s Flowers has all types of flowers, green plants and gifts to make the occasion truly special. Some gifts are local only, so make sure you give us a call or stop by the flower shop to discuss how you might send your friends and family truly memorable floral gifts in 2016.