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Celebrations on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick’s Day is a popular holiday with a lot of strange traditions. It is a religious observance better known for parades and pub crawls. It honors Irish culture but is named after a British man and is celebrated largely by people who are not Irish. So what makes this day so special? It is said everyone in Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and could be all of the good-natured fun associated with the holiday. If you are looking for a whimsical – or beautiful – way to adorn your home or office for the festivities, look no further than Zeidler’s Flowers. We are looking forward to delivering the green all over Evansville this March 17th.

Adopted by Ireland: St. Patrick was a Roman Catholic priest who actually was born in Britain. As a young man, he was captured by pirates and held captive in Ireland. After his release, he attended the seminary and returned to the Emerald Isle. Credited with the conversion of the entire country to Christianity, he was beloved amongst the people and they considered him one of their own. March 17th commemorates Patrick’s death. The holiday reached U.S. shores with the influx of Irish immigrants in the 1700’s and 1800’s.

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Over the years, the celebration has become a cultural observance more than a religious one. Large parades with extravagant floats extol the virtues of being Irish, while restaurants offer corned beef and green beer. Music festivals feature bagpipes and Irish folk music, and everyone wears green. In fact, it is perfectly acceptable for you to give a friendly pinch to friends or family who neglect to do so!
st patrick'sAt Zeidler’s Flowers, green mums, carnations, zinnias, orchids, and roses carry the Irish banner. These floral designs are perfect for sending a hearty “Slainte!” to your Gaelic friends and neighbors who love their heritage.

This March 17th, celebrate spring. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrate all things Irish, with floral designs from Zeidler’s Flowers. Let’s paint Evansville GREEN!