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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on June 16, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

Choose Your Summer Flowers

summer flowersWhether your summers are filled with packed schedules, day trips with kids and adventurous excursions; or you simply enjoy reading a good book on the lanai or relaxing by the pool – there is a carefree vibe about summer that allows us just to enjoy. One common theme the summer months does seem to affect everyone, however. We love to get together with family and friends; meeting at backyard barbecues, having drinks on the patio or meeting for impromptu picnics. With sunlight lasting well into the evening and balmy temperatures, we are all inspired to celebrate the everyday.

Including summer flowers is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty that embodies the spirit of summer. There are many flowers that are cultivated abundantly in the summer months, and they make stunning arrangements full of color and excitement. The flowers of summer are vivid and bold, often unscripted and a little untamed – but always beautiful. Here are just a few of our favorites:

summer flowersPetunias, Periwinkles, and Begonias – Although maybe your grandmother’s flowers, the classic is often the perfect selection. These traditional flowering plants are ideal options for outdoor decorating and potted plants, as they easily withstand summer conditions.

Asters – Whether the classic white and yellow (ox-eye) daisy or the vivid hues of the gerbera, daisies are popular asters. But other varieties as diverse as the towering sunflower and the delicate chamomile are also popular flowers for summer bouquets.

Roses – Most modern roses bloom throughout the year, and they provide a varied palette that reaches across the spectrum – orange and yellow roses are especially popular in summer bouquets as they exude sunshine.

Hydrangea – The hydrangea is a summer flower that is usually relegated to a support role in our arrangements. However, their cool blue, violet and green hues make for amazing standalone bouquets that are uniquely rustic yet feminine.

Gladioli – The glad is most often seen in funeral displays. But that is hardly fair, as these dramatic and regal blooms in vibrant colors make a strong and gorgeous summer statement that reaches for the sky. Here’s a tip – if you are looking for that vertical arrangement for less? Ask your Zeidler’s floral designer about snapdragons.

summer flowersWhich summer flowers bring the perfect summer day to remembrance for you? Come into Zeidler’s Flowers and tell us about your favorite flowers, and our expert floral artists will go to work to design a unique and personal summer bouquet for any occasion.