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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on September 5, 2019 | Last Updated: October 9, 2020 Flowers

Creating a Fall Display With Chrysanthemums

When it comes to fall gardening and decorating ideas, the first flower you should consider a must for fall is the chrysanthemum. Creating a fall display with chrysanthemums can be both easy and inexpensive. With blooms available in the traditional autumn bronze, orange, gold, or yellow, and an array of textures to choose from, mums should be at the top of your fall decorating list.

The floral designers at Zeidler’s Florist are ready to show you our favorite ways to utilize mums for all your decorating needs. We carry florist mums all year round, but hardy mums arrive in the fall and are incredibly popular in the Evansville area. With so many cool colors, these can be used in fall displays or planted to return next year.

Mums come in so many vibrant colors! Not just the classic fall colors of orange and yellow, but also deep purples, brilliant reds, and pale pinks.

Pompon Mum

Daisy Mums

Many people think of pompon mums when they envision chrysanthemums. These blooms with round heads and closely packed short petals have a luxuriant look. From the tiny button mums to the large moonbeam variety, these mums work well outdoors and in planters.

Another popular mum during the fall months is the Daisy mum. These blooms have symmetrical petals surrounding a central disk. The fun and bright daisy mum is a great feature to add to any fall arrangement or decoration.
Some great displays of mums for the fall season include Nature’s Bounty and Pumpkin Patch. Rustic or festive, these designs will awaken your senses to fall in a big way.

Growing Mums

Although winter temperatures can be severe in Evansville, there are many varieties of mums that grow well in our area. By planting in the spring, mums can grow and strengthen over the summer season. Make sure to plant these flowers in an area with lots of sun and good soil. As fall arrives, the beautiful blooms will provide vivid color in the garden and can be potted for indoor decorating as well.

Pumpkin Patch Bouquet

Choosing to include Chrysanthemums as a part of your autumn decorations is a smart move. The surprising amount of variety in color, rich textures, and sizes make mums a necessary part of your fall displays. Our experts at Zeidler’s Flowers have created numerous Chrysanthemum arrangements in addition to the potted mums that we offer. Let us assist you in designing the perfect autumn display for your home.