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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on December 15, 2014 | Last Updated: December 18, 2014 Flowers

Decorating this Christmas with Flowers

Beautiful Christmas Decorations Candy canes, twinkle lights, and cozy fires at the hearth infuse the holiday season with warmth and happiness, and flowers add even more beauty to your home during the Christmas season. Beautiful Poinsettias represent holiday cheer, but those classic red flowers aren’t the only way to beautify your home this winter.

Snow Fall Flower Arrangement

Create a Winter Wonderland

White flowers are a perfect complement to the official Christmas colors of red and green. If you’re planning a romantic dinner with your significant other on Christmas, you might consider a vase of long-stemmed white roses placed upon a beautiful red table cloth with candles to match.

For a formal family gathering, you might consider the delicate beauty of alstroemeria, which is a lovely companion to festive green ferns and red berries. This long-lasting flower will also be there to help you greet January and the New Year.

Deck the Halls Flower Arrangement

Stay Festive All Season Long

One of the best reasons to decorate your home with Poinsettias is because they require only minimal care for a season’s worth of beauty. Greet your visitors with Poinsettias in your home’s entryway, or add some festive red flowers to the tables of your Christmas Eve meal.

Did you know that Poinsettias are actually a tropical plant that was introduced to the United States from Mexico? Today, we associate them with Christmas and the winter season, but many of the Poinsettias you’ll see during the holidays are grown in sunny California.

Christmas Cactus

Holiday decorative Plants

Grow Your Own Holiday Beauty

Start a holiday tradition with a Christmas cactus, which is named for its perfectly timed blooms that appear in winter each year. Your Christmas cactus may bloom in colors of white, pink, or red, and when it’s not in bloom, the cactus will add some attractive greenery to any room.

Christmas cactuses are known for their incredible life spans, and the plant you buy today might live for several decades, offering your family years of flower-filled Christmases.

While the winter might be cold and covered in blankets of snow, that’s no reason your home can’t be filled with the life and vibrancy of beautiful Christmas flowers. Make this year’s celebrations come alive with classic Poinsettias, beautiful roses, or a fun Christmas cactus.