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Zeidler's Flowers

Posted by on August 22, 2014 Flowers

Fight the First Day of School Blues with Flowers

The mother who is watching her tiny kindergartener head off to school for the first time. The teenager who is sitting in her new college dorm, feeling a little lonely and a little afraid. Or the new teacher who is feeling a little overwhelmed as she prepares to welcome students to her classroom for the first time. These are just a few of the people who deserve a little bouquet of cheery flowers or an arrangement to let them know that you are with them in spirit and with love on the first day of school.

The Kindergartener’s Mom

Seeing her beloved “baby” heading off for the first day of school can be a traumatic event for a mom. To help her through the day, have the new kindergartener pick out a pretty arrangement before the first day of school. Encourage your child to look for ones that contain bright sunshiny cheerful flowers like pink carnations or yellow sunflowers. Then ask the child to write or draw a special message to “Mommy” that you can have the florist deliver with the flowers to mom on that first day of school.

The New Teacher

If you know that your child’s teacher is new to the school, welcome her with a lovely bouquet or arrangement that will make her smile every time she looks at her desk. For example, look for an arrangement that contains big and boldly colored gerbera daisies that can add a splash of color to the teacher’s desk. To make your gift extra special, look for an arrangement that comes in an unusual but useful “container” such as a cute coffee cup that the teacher can continue to use long after the flowers have met their demise. Of course, this is also a great gift for any teacher — new or not.

The Child Going Away to College

Most kids are very excited to go away to college. For many, it’s been something they’ve been dreaming of for years. But once their dorm room has been set up, their bags have been unpacked, and their moms and dads have left, some children start experiencing pangs of homesickness.

To help ease your college freshman into their new and exciting but somewhat frightening lifestyle away from home, consider sending them a gift basket of snacks or a pretty arrangement to brighten their typically cell-block-like rooms. If you decide to go with an arrangement, look for a smaller, more modern one rather than the traditional tall version. In most dorm rooms, space is at a premium.  Your child is sure to appreciate this little gesture of love from home.