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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on March 26, 2018 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

Flower Baskets For Easter

This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 1. It seems early this year, but it always falls on Sunday after the full moon and after the first day of Spring. That means, we can expect Easter to occur sometime between March 22 and April 25th. Perhaps you feel like Easter can’t come so soon because we’ve only had teases of spring so far this year. When you’re fed up with winter, there’s only one solution. Turn to flowers. You can count on a team of experienced floral designers at Zeidler’s Flowers to come up with a vast selection of gorgeous cut flower arrangements to fill your home and workplace.

Whether you’re looking for a spectacular floral gift to give someone for Easter or a way to dress up your home or office and fill it with the spirit of Easter and a taste of spring, our Easter Basket delivers on all of those counts. We fill a plaid tin with the brightest collection of fresh flowers. We add some accents that sparkle, including a decorative bunny and some colorful eggs. Use this design on your coffee table, a foyer or living room console table, or as a centerpiece on a small round dining room table. You can also place it on a dresser or credenza.

Whether you’re in search of cheerful flowers to fill your home, want a special gift to give to your extended family members and friends, or want to infuse your workplace with the essence of spring, you can always count on Zeidler’s Flowers to help you fill those needs.