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Zeidler's Flowers

Posted by on August 8, 2014 Flowers

The Flowers That Every Sorority Girl Crushes For

Most girls love to receive flowers. Flowers are pretty and they smell so nice. They also symbolize love and affection, which makes every girl feel special.

Rush week is a special time for the girl in college who is interested in being part of the college sorority. If you have a special girl in mind that you would like to give flowers to during this time here are some of the flowers that every sorority girl would love to receive.

Roses:  Roses in pink, orange and yellow will leave the sorority girl speechless. This beautiful rose bouquet will brighten up her room and remind her of the person that gave them to her. They come in a clear vase with matching bow adorning it. These are the perfect size to give that perfect girl.

Sunflowers:  A clear vase with a perky yellow, green and orange bow will give your favorite girl a big smile. Sunflowers dominate this bright bouquet making it a popular choice to give to someone you care about.

Daises:  Daises, carnation, roses, lilies and iris make up this lovely vase of flowers. This perky flower mix stands approximately 18 inches in height and 14 inches around. It will stand out and be noticed by your sorority girl crush and she will notice you.

Lilies: A clear, cube vase decorated with lemon slices make this arrangement of lilies and roses lovely and unique. Gerbera daises and golden aster further complement this bright and cheery floral piece. Make your sorority girl crush melt when she receives this delicate and feminine flower gift.

Begonias:  The orange and white striped ceramic pot hold the lovely orange begonia. This floral piece stands approximately nine inches tall and measures about five inches in diameter. Just the right size, this begonia arrangement will fit nicely on her bedside table. Topped with a green bow and yellow polka dots, these flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but cheerful as well.

Your sorority girl crush will love any flower that you give her and just knowing that you thought of her will leave her wondering about you even more so. Give her flowers and make her day a day to remember. This is a gift that she will never forget. Somebody who is that special to you should have the very best and at Zeidlers we aim to please.