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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on April 16, 2014 | Last Updated: December 21, 2022 Flowers

Flowers We Recommend For Your Easter Gift Giving

easter liliesThe Colors of Spring and Easter in a Flower Arrangement

Flowers somehow fit Easter more than any other of the traditional holidays. Maybe it’s because flowers and Easter are both signs of spring, and symbolize new beginnings; or maybe it is because both flowers and Easter are pleasant rewards for having worked through a long, hard winter.

It is no coincidence, the colors that represent Easter are also the colors of some of spring’s most beautiful flowers.

Regardless of the situation, an Easter with flowers always feels like a special holiday.

Flower arrangements that make beautiful Easter gifts include:

Anything with tulips! One of the most diverse flowers in the world with respect to color varieties available — light blue and yellow and pink and green and white and a plethora of combinations — the tulip arrangement can easily be made to match the beautiful pastels that signify Easter.

Equally as important, the smell of tulips may remind us of springtime more than the aroma of any other flower.

Hydrangeas are another beautiful flower that comes in a variety of colors. Hydrangea blooms are as striking as any you will see, both in color and size. They may be planted outdoors to return with beautiful blooms year after year. Available colors will vary but are typically blue or pink.

Easter Lilies remind us of Easter like no other flower can. With magnificent and stately regalia, the trumpeting flowers of Easter Lilies are a calling to the change of the seasons, of fresh beginnings, innocence, and beauty. While other Easter-appropriate flowers always receive sincere “ahhs”, bright smiles, and loving eyes, Easter Lilies always seem to draw a gasp and a “wow.”

Daisies are so simple in their perfect beauty that they can accompany even the humblest of Easter celebrations. While they are a peaceful and welcoming sight for any occasion, though smaller in stature than other Easter flower arrangements, the aroma of daisies can do more for the peace, tranquility, and joy of an Easter celebration than almost any other flower.

The smell of fresh daisies is unique, truly one of a kind. If there is a single smell that says spring and Easter, it’s that of the daisy.