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Zeidler's Flowers

Posted by Debbie Clark on April 9, 2018 Administrative Professionals Day Flowers Succulents Tulips

Help Your Desktop to Go From Sad To Stunning

Administrative Professionals Day is on its way! It falls within the last full week of April every year, which is Administrative Professionals’ Week. This is the perfect time to focus on “Desktop Awareness” and making your desktop better than ever before with creative, inspiring arrangements from Zeidler’s Flowers.

Is your desktop adding to your work experience, or holding you back? Including flowers or a potted plant on your desktop literally adds life to your work environment. It can enhance the entire work space, bringing an energizing quality that can make you feel more creative and productive.

For a splash of Springtime color, consider a bouquet of mixed color tulips to inspire you. You might instead opt for a desk garden bursting with mixed green plants for an arrangement that grows throughout the year. A potted arrangement full of succulent flowers is another excellent option for adding greenery to your life. Some find succulent plants easier to care for due to less maintenance required.

Why settle for an ordinary looking desktop when so much more is possible? Administrative Professionals Day and Week are the perfect time to upgrade your workspace and add life with inspiring plants and flowers. Contact Zeidler’s Flowers today to learn more about the possibilities for bright blooming arrangements, desk gardens and lush, beautiful succulent plants.