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Posted by Debbie Clark on February 10, 2017 Events Flowers

Honoring the Role of Women


In the early 1900’s. women in Eastern Europe and Soviet Bloc nations gathered together for the first time to discuss fighting for social justice for women. Just over a century later, women from nations from all across the globe are still raising the banner. The organizers of the 2017 International Women’s Day recognize that there is not a single organization, government. or coalition that can take on the issues of the world, but that as a team, in a collaborative effort, we can make a difference.  With events scheduled in nearly every U.S. State, Hong Kong, Brisbane, London and almost 100 nations, this is truly a global initiative whose time has come. While in some part of the world, the fight is for basic human rights, in the West the day has taken on a different scope – to remember and recognize the contributions of influential women in every sphere of society, from politics to medicine, from education to advocacy.

At Zeidler’s Flowers, we too salute the ladies, past and present, whose hearts, compassion and strength have changed the world.


It is not difficult to find women making an impact in Evansville – just look around! If you are seeking ways to honor the everyday heroes that may never be in a history book, but nonetheless are agents for change – here are a few ideas.

* Write quick emails to women in town who you admire for their character and accomplishments, and let them know that you think they are doing great work – whether you know them personally or not! If they are friends, consider a beautiful floral arrangement and a personal card.  Don’t forget the mom who is raising great kids or the teacher who has always inspired your child to do their best.

* Join a local organization dedicated to investing in the women of tomorrow – the local girl’s club, or an after-school job training program. Invest your time into a young life, and you will instill confidence, wisdom and imagination.

women* Donate to a charity that is assisting women in breaking the cycle of abuse or poverty. Give them a call and find out how you can tangibly help to change someone’s life.

Showing honor to those who are quietly making a positive impact is easy – it just requires a bit of time. Sending notes, helping out, and donating are all meaningful ways to do your part as well – but don’t forget the flowers. Even the strongest of women love to receive a gorgeous floral design from Zeidler’s Flowers.


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