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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on June 23, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

July Birthday Ruby Bouquets

july birthdayThis month, tradition gives us two different yet beautiful ways to celebrate those we love with meaningful floral bouquets – either representing the July birthstone or utilizing the official birth flower. These two choices are on opposite sides of the color spectrum – the ruby birthstone is vibrant, red and fiery; and the delphinium grows in shades of serene blue and purple. However, you choose to honor those July birthdays in your life, the artistic floral experts at Zeidler’s Flowers are the perfect ones to create a stunning arrangement using one or both of these hues.

The ruby birthstone is one of the most coveted stones in the world. As one of only four true precious gemstones in the world, the ruby’s value lies in the quality of its color. The deep red color of the most expensive of these jewels is rich and often has a bluish cast that makes it look purplish red. Known as “The King’s Stone,” the ruby has been the choice of emperors and royalty for millennia. At one time, it was considered to endow mystical properties upon its owner; from deep romantic passion, to opulent wealth; to protection from enemies. Rubies rarely occur naturally in the most desired colors. A true “ruby red” stone is deemed exceptionally valuable. And although you may not have the ability to give a ruby as a birthday present, the designers at Zeidler’s have the vision and skill to create red bouquets that exude all the luxurious splendor of the gem.

july birthday july birthday

The cheerful delphinium is a delicate garden wildflower most often used in floral arrangements for filler and stock. It is very similar with the popular larkspur and is closely related to the buttercup. For such an ethereal summer bloom, it embraces some admirable symbolism; including setting ambitious goals and working hard to reach them; as well as striving for new opportunities. It is also considered to be the ideal flower for someone who stays positive in the face of hardship, and an appropriate choice for celebrating any happy summer event – like a birthday. For an especially meaningful July birthday gift, send an arrangement that utilizes both the colors of the ruby and the July flower of the month.

Blue delphinium or red blooms, the floral experts at Zeidler’s Flowers have the expertise and creativity to design the perfect July birthday bouquet.