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Posted by on August 29, 2014 Flowers

Labor Day Flowers, For The Hard Working Loved Ones in Your Life

rosesLabor Day is quickly approaching, which means that it is a great opportunity to give the gift of flowers. Flowers are a fantastic way to bring a bit of life and beauty into the home as people across the country prepare to celebrate the end of summer. For students and teachers, it means the beginning of the school year while pools and other outdoor recreation activities begin to close their doors. Many people across the country will begin to notice a change in weather as temperatures drop slightly moving into September.

Flowers are a wonderful way to commemorate this change in seasons and to celebrate the last bit of beauty that comes with the warm weather of spring and summer. Here are some fantastic flowers to choose from when selecting the perfect arrangement.

Shopping by color

Labor Day often inspires feelings of patriotism for many people. They honor the workers who have helped build this country and continue to help it move forward. For this reason, selecting flowers with a red, white, and blue theme can be a fantastic choice. Roses are often wonderful selections as they will often have red and white selections readily available. Roses are also usually available in a number of traditionally ‘summer-y’ colors, which many people also like to use to remember the close of the popular season.

Shopping by flower type

There are many different types of flowers that are traditionally associated with summer that can also make for excellent choices. Since Labor Day is typically seen as marking the end of summer, these summer flower selections can be an great way to mark the conclusion of the seasons.

Sunflowers are a popular choice for many people looking to remember summer. These larger flowers are often seen as playful yet beautiful. Arrangements can be designed to be fun and casual or more formal depending upon the sentiments of the giver. The bright yellow color is also a wonderful way to add some color to the home, which many people appreciate, especially in the higher altitudes, as fall begins to arrive.

Daisies are another popular choice for those looking to celebrate summer. These bright, white flowers are strongly associated with spring and summer blooms and are a great way to add a bit of summertime cheer to any gathering. They are featured in a number of summer-themed arrangements.

Flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate any holiday or occasion. Use these ideas to come up with some flower arrangements to enjoy as summer draws to a close.