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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on February 19, 2018 Flowers

Making Moments More Meaningful With Flowers

There is never a time when regardless of the occasion, event or situation, you can’t make someone feel happier with a gift of flowers. And at Zeidler’s Flowers, we are convinced that “you can’t go wrong with flowers.” And we don’t just say that to sell more flowers. We’ve seen thousands of situations where flowers and plants have warmed hearts and electrified expressions.

When you are looking for a floral gift – whether you’re sending “get well soon” wishes, or wanting to let someone know that you’re thinking about them, convey your sentiments with our Cheery Kalanchoe. A delightful succulent kalanchoe plant sits inside a decorative birdhouse with a butterfly accent. Succulents are easy plants to take care of because their leaves hold water. Kalanchoe has tiny colorful flowers that keep on blooming. The gift of a blooming plant continues to remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness long after they receive it. And it’s always nice to have colorful flowers in your home or office throughout the seemingly never-ending Evansville winters. Even though it feels like spring is light years away when you step outside, once you step inside and gaze at the brilliant colors of flowering plants, your mind instantly forgets the winter weather woes. Your heart will welcome the tranquility.

Pretty little kalanchoe plant in a wooden birdhouse, ideal for any location.

Regardless of whether you want to wish someone well, reward yourself for a promotion, or make a dull, dreary, and miserable day feel a bit cheerier, think about making moments more meaningful with flowers. You can count on Zeidler’s Flowers talented floral designers to help you make life a whole lot better – with flowers.