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National Puppy Day – Meet Huck

National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is a celebration of the amazing, lovable, joyful companions in our lives. It is also a call for awareness regarding overpopulation, and the plight of abandoned dogs in shelters around the country. Every year, over one million dogs are euthanized, and only 35% of dogs in shelters are adopted. Therefore, National Puppy Day organizers aim to encourage people to adopt both puppies and older dogs from shelters, as well as to support their local shelters with a small donation. At Zeidler’s Flowers, we have floral designs and plants perfect for thanking those in the Evansville area who work diligently every day to rescue and rehome these wonderful animals. One of our favorite canine friends is a bit of a fixture around here. The owners of Zeidler’s Flowers, Blake and Lori, bring Huck when making their rounds, and he is truly a source of entertainment for those of us who work here. Huck brings a smile to the face of everyone he encounters  He absolutely loves to play ball, and he will play with you as long as are willing. It is not easy to dissuade Huck when he wants to interact – he is happy and loveable and so much fun to have around. We couldn’t imagine our shop without our Huck. National Puppy Day

For those who wish to thank shelter workers, foster families, or veterinarians in a special way, we have very special garden statues to honor our puppy relationships.

In its 10th year, National Puppy Day is a coordinated and committed effort to lower the unwanted pet population, and to find homes for all the dogs (and cats) in shelters. If you can foster a pet, adopt a puppy, raise awareness, or make a donation, you will literally be saving a life.

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