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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on August 3, 2018 Flowers

Placing Flowers In The Home

Zeidler’s Flowers knows that one of life’s greatest pleasures is receiving flowers, whether you bought them for yourself or received them from somebody else. There’s just nothing quite like turning your design to admire it from every angle, burying your nose in its fragrance, enjoying every last detail of each and every flower. Our talented designers love showing off their artistry and love when it has an impact. But once you’ve fallen in love with your new flowers, where do they go?

It’s not an earth-shattering dilemma, but still, it must be acknowledged: It can be truly difficult to decide on one spot for your gorgeous floral arrangement.

So how to proceed? By asking some smart questions. What’s the scale (height and width) of your floral design? Is it full of fragrance or fragrance-free? Is it a mixed arrangement or does it center around a single flower? Does it have a formal or casual feel, or somewhere in between? Answering a few basic questions about your design’s characteristics can help you locate the perfect spot for it in your home. Take Forever Mine for example. Stargazer lily at the center there has an intoxicating scent, so already it’s best to think outside of dining or kitchen spaces for this one. And while this piece is full of height, the colors and flowers are mostly informal, expressing an upbeat vibe. There’s also a good deal of garden going on here too, making this the perfect piece for a family room or a living room. A great bouquet to celebrate any occasion, or none at all.

It’s fun to style your home with flowers, so enjoy the process.