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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on December 18, 2017 Flowers

Positively Posh Flowers In The Forecast For 2018

Were you hoping for a new year filled with gorgeous blooms? Where the floral forecast is full flowers ahead?

You’re in luck. International Floral Distributors has released its trend report for floral designs, and one of the four styles identified is as romantic as it gets. What we here at Zeidler’s Flowers are loving in particular about it is that it definitely has a modern edge.

The look of IFD’s “Positively Posh” is youthful, upbeat and whimsical. What keeps this lavish style approachable and modern is the fact that it makes use of a contemporary color scheme. A wash of pastel colors (think pinks, grays and lavender) is punctuated with bright pops of violet and crimson. A great example of the look is our Fantasy design.This premium bouquet of fresh cut flowers is positively charming.

The other important feature of bouquets in this style is texture. The blooms here build a kind of ruffle, layering themselves into an appealing pattern that offers a lot of depth and interest. This trend usually maintains a rounded shape and makes use of a simple glass vessel, balancing out the lavish abundance of the arrangement. It’s a look we love as a gift, for events and just to have as a focal point in the home.