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Posted by Debbie Clark on February 12, 2018 floral gifts Gifts Tulips

Be As Romantic And Creative As You Can This Month

February is create romance month, and at Zeidler’s Flowers, our expert florists cannot wait to help you have some creative fun with floral arrangements on Valentine’s Day and all month long. Although red and pink roses are classically recognized as the traditional choice for romantic love on Valentine’s Day, there are no rules that say you have to give roses. We encourage you to get creative this year by sending your sweetheart a truly unique arrangement which creatively and personally conveys your romantic sentiments.

For a step aside from traditional Valentine’s Day arrangements of roses, we recommend our Tantalizing Tulips arrangement which captures a whole host of sentiments featuring artfully arranged blooms, a playful color palette, and a unique clear glass rectangular vase filled with glass pebbles. This arrangement whimsically combines tulips in a variety of shades with feathery alstromeria blossoms in shades of similar hues and complementary colors. Our florists typically select flowers blooming in an arrangement of bright pink shades, but can adjust colors seasonally or per customer request to match your recipient’s favorites.

tulips and alstromeria combine in this cheerful bouquet.If like our professional florists at Zeidler’s Flowers, you too want to have some fun this Valentine’s Day, let us help you choose a unique floral arrangement featuring a selection of your special someone’s favorite flowers, favorite colors, and incorporating her individual personality.