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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on February 4, 2015 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

Why Roses Are Given For Valentine’s Day

zoom_42411013ZwebOL12011762658When someone gives or receives a red rose, its association with romantic love is seen immediately. These beautiful flowers are popular choices for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and as ‘just because’ gifts when couples want to show the affection they have for each other. There are few gifts so widely recognized by people as a sign of love. The history behind these stunning blooms as a sign of love is a long and rich one. These flowers have been associated with feelings of passion for thousands of years. Those interested in giving the perfect gift of love this year should learn about the history of the red rose as a sign of love. It will help them better appreciate the gift they have chosen and feel connected to the generations of rose-givers who came before them.

Ancient times

The ancient Romans were known for loving the red rose. It is said that Nero dumped rose petals on his guests back in the 1st Century AD. They also began to cultivate the rose and use them in wedding ceremonies, crowning newly married couples with the blooms. The Roman goddess Venus also adopted characteristics of the Greek goddess of love, who was said to have created the rose. Both goddesses were associated with the flower.

Miles away, Cleopatra adorned her room with roses to help her win the heart of Marc Antony. There are also numerous references to red roses in Christian, Confucian, and Buddhist religious works.

Modern times

Roses were first bred in the west beginning in the 19th century. zoom_S95708880014012362939This began to increase the interest of people in the flower once again. The hybrid tea rose was first cultivated in France, and helped to welcome the era of the modern rose.

Quickly people everywhere began to give and receive the rose as elegant gifts of loves. They might combine the timeless red rose with other flowers, such as some beautiful white blooms, or use bouquets of just red roses.

At Zeidler’s Flowers, we understand that when customers give someone the gift of red roses, they seek to demonstrate their love and passion. That is why we work to always provide the freshest blooms that every lover would be happy to present to the other. Those interested in giving a stunning bouquet should familiarize themselves with the history of these flowers so they can better appreciate the gift they have chosen. Then set out to find the beautiful arrangement that will work for them so that they will be able to spoil and make their loved one feel special.