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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on September 8, 2016 | Last Updated: September 12, 2016 Flowers

September Bouquets – Inspired by Sapphire

September birthday bouquets When choosing a floral design to send birthday wishes to your September loved ones, there are two traditional inspirations.  Look to the experts at Zeidler’s Flowers to provide you with the September birthday bouquets that will not only be beautiful but will convey sentimental meaning.

The sapphire is the birthstone of September, and its brilliant blue to violet-blue color is a true muse for floral designers. There aren’t a wide selection of flowers that come in these colors, and a blue bouquet makes an exquisite visual impression. Blue delphinium, blue orchids, blue iris and blue hydrangea are all popular choices for September birthday bouquets that dazzle with the fire of the sapphire. September birthday bouquets

In medieval times, sapphires were worn by clergy because they symbolized heaven To the common man, they came to represent blessings. Sapphires are known for their color changing qualities, and while they look royal blue during the day, they almost look purple in low-lighting. Our September birthday bouquets utilize both shades beautifully.

The naturally occurring cracks in the sapphire are known as inclusions, and when the stone is cut correctly, these inclusions often create a star-like pattern called “asterism”. Nor coincidentally, the birth flower of the month are asters. These diverse flowers are members of the daisy family, and most often have yellow centers with vivid petals that radiate out in a star pattern. Our Regal Cube features violet asters as well as several other blue-hued blooms. September birthday bouquets

For your loved ones celebrating this month, September birthday bouquets showcase rich beautiful hues of blue and purple that are unique and special – and sure to bring the celebration to the party! Call Zeidler’s Flowers to discuss how you can be inspired by the sapphire and the aster for floral designs they will be thrilled to receive – we deliver throughout the Evansville area!