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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on October 3, 2014 | Last Updated: January 20, 2023 Flowers

Shopping for Homecoming Flowers: All You Need to Know

A time packed full of excitement, homecoming marks the special week when students and graduates celebrate their school. For students, the homecoming dance tops off a week of school spirit, sports, and traditional revelry. While homecoming week is a time to show off your school spirit, the homecoming dance is a perfect time to express your own personality. Help your date flaunt his or her own style with a unique boutonniere or corsage. At Zeidler’s Flowers, we have a huge assortment of corsages and boutonnieres to complement anyone’s tastes. There are, however, a few things you will want to find out before you order your date’s flowers.

Corsages – While we recommend ordering a corsage for your date in advance, call her before you call us to ask her a couple of questions. Firstly, find out what color of dress she plans to wear to the dance. As our corsages are available in a rainbow of colors, this will help you choose a corsage arranged with flowers in a color which will complement the hue of her gown. If you still are not certain what color of corsage would work best, our florist will be happy to suggest something which she will love. Secondly, ask whether your date prefer a corsage to slip on her wrist or one which you will pin on her gown. Some dates prefer wrist corsages so they do not have to put a pin whole in their gown’s fabric, while others will prefer the pin-on corsage to free up room for bracelets. If she is the type who likes to stand out, our floral necklace arrangement will make her sparkle. Speaking of sparkle, we embellish all of our corsages with feathers, pearls, rhinestones, ribbons, and lace for a little extra dazzle.

Boutonnieres – Markedly simpler than corsages, boutonnieres usually consist of a smaller arrangement designed to fit on the lapel of your handsome date’s jacket. Usually fashioned from a single rose or other flower, our boutonnieres have a little extra jazz with embellishments to match their date’s corsages. We suggest girls also ask their dates what color they plan to wear in order to coordinate his boutonniere with his clothing. If he will be wearing black and white, you can match his boutonniere to your dress.

Also, be sure to order your date’s corsage or boutonniere at least a week in advance in order to ensure the necessary flowers are available for the floral adornment you select. No matter which flowers you choose for your date, we wish you the best homecoming yet!