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The Significance of Lilies And How To Make Them Look Beautiful In A Vase

During spring, people are purchasing lovely lily floral arrangements for their homes or to give out as a special gift to loved ones. These flowers add a majestic beauty due to their long, sweeping petals. In addition, the lily of the valley is the May birth flower as people may receive a bouquet on their birthdays.

Every flower holds a different symbolism in life, whether based on religion or mythology, as the lily is no exception. In fact, the lily has so many different meanings that it can get a bit confusing to people.

The Significance of Lilies

To determine the significance of a lily, you have to look at its color and type. Then you can ensure you are giving out the lilies on the right occasions.

Pink stargazer lilies: Pink stargazer lilies are suppose to represent wealth and prosperity to the receiver.

White stargazer lilies: White stargazer lilies shows that you are giving sympathy to the receiver.

Alstroemeria: Alstroemeria, also known as the Peruvian lily, means that you want to offer friendship to the receiver as well as your devotion.

White Lilies: White lilies hold a religious significance as they represent chastity and virtue — which is why they are the symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Lily of the Valley: Lily of the valley represents humility as well as devotion to the receiver.

In addition to the above meanings, lilies are also suppose to signify the soul being restored of its innocence upon death. It is for this reason that many funeral arrangements have lilies.

Taking Care of Cut Lilies

When you receive a lily bouquet, you want the flowers to last for as long as possible. The best lilies to purchase are ones that just have the buds opening with a bit of color showing. They are about to open fully in a few days. Cut the stems diagonally an inch from the bottom and trim the lower leaves so there is none underneath the water.

To prolong the flowers life, place cut-flower food into the water. Only use half the usual amount you would give to other flowers. Change the water ever few days as the lilies should last up to two weeks or more.