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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on May 14, 2018 Flowers

The Spirit Of Memorial Day

Zeidler’s Flowers joins our Evansville community in reflecting on the brave efforts of the men and women who died in service to country, protecting and preserving our nation’s values and making our lives better for it. Many of us have been personally impacted by the loss of a soldier, and on Memorial Day, we experience both the sadness of our loss as well as a sense of hopeful patriotism and admiration. We attend parades and ceremonies that allow us to collectively mourn and reflect, and we also gather together with friends and family in each other’s homes to embrace the people in our lives now even as we remember the ones we have lost. The flowers and other decor we bring to the events we host should capture the spirit of Memorial Day.

We are partial to a design that speaks directly to the occasion itself, and for us, that design is Freedom Bouquet. The color scheme in this compact array of flowers is on point, and the flowers themselves (among them daises, carnations and roses) speak to the abiding affection and respect we have for our heroes. This is a piece that works on an indoor or an outdoor table, setting the mood and serving as a gentle reminder that we’re gathered together for more than just a barbecue or a pool party.

Let us at Zeidler’s Flowers provide you with the perfect piece to top your Memorial Day table.