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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on September 21, 2016 Flowers

Sympathy Bouquets after the Service

Flowers have always been a traditional way to send condolences when someone suffers the loss of a loved one. It is often very difficult to know what to say at these times, but floral bouquets perfectly express empathy, sympathy, and love at a difficult time. However, the customs surrounding sending flowers have been changing, as rising funeral costs often shorten service and viewing times. Many times, friends and acquaintances that may have wished to send a wreath or spray find out about the service too late. Zeidler’s Flowers is your local source to assist in choosing the right sympathy bouquets, even if the service is over.

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In addition to missing the service, there are other reasons you may wish to send flowers or plants to those grieving. A common trend is a request to send a donation “in lieu of flowers”, but etiquette suggests that the donation be made in honor of the deceased, and a remembrance still sent to those grieving.

Many share that the weeks following the memorial service can be very difficult after everyone has gone back to their daily lives. Sending floral bouquets at this time reminds your friend or family member that you are still thinking of them and that you are available to them if they need you. You may wish to consider a plant that will be a lasting reminder of your love and support, something they can look to for comfort for months to come.

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There is never a bad time to tell someone that you are with them in spirit. You may also wish to send a small gift or remembrance on days that may be hard – such as a birthday, anniversary or holiday. Although the window for sending sympathy flowers to a funeral home may be shrinking, the emotions involved have not changed. At Zeidler’s Flowers, we have many ideas on how to best comfort those in your life who need it; not only within the first days but whenever they need some support in the times to come. Whether sympathy bouquets, plants or gifts, you’ll find beautiful inspiration at our Evansville flower shop.